How to remove emoticons from Windows Live Messenger

remove emoticons

The emoticons are one of the most sought after resources by Messenger users, who tend to add them to their accounts and share them with friends. But sometimes we get bored of them and want to delete.

Many people have asked how to remove Windows Live Messenger emoticons and today, we bring you a complete tutorial to learn how to delete those emoticons that are bothered by MSN.

First, is to log in as they normally do in Messenger and when opening the Contacts bar, press the ALT key to see the program menu. Click on Tools and then click Emoticons.

There, you will see all emoticons that have been added once to MSN, along with those that come pre-installed within the program. To remove one who add us, we must select it with the mouse and then click Remove. This only can be done with emoticons that have added us, that those who are natives of Messenger are not deleted.

The process should be repeated in each emoticon separately. It may take some time, but finally they dump of the smileys that were already tired.

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