7 Signs to identify false friends in Facebook

If you have hundreds of friends in Facebook, you are either very popular or is it likely that many of those friends are simply not true, which is nothing new in social networks, so check these signs that will help you to protect you of the army of false profiles of Facebook.

fake facebook friends

In all social networking profiles are fake, it is important to recognize them because they do not know if this is a bot that will fill us with spam, or perhaps a few sharks who seize the opportunity to violate the limits of our privacy, regardless of who or what it concerned, the fact is that there are tracks that can be distinguished to avoid the problem.

The user is usually an attractive woman
This does not mean that all attractive women profiles are fake, but if it looks too good to be true probably be not it. The very pretty women are not passed it adding strange in Facebook and suspiciously its photos of profile are used to being enough daredevils and alluring.

If you do not know the person you just ask your friend on Facebook and coincidentally is extremely attractive, it’s likely that your new “friend” is not a real person.

The picture is of a celebrity
While most makers of fake profiles using photos of attractive women, from time to time we came across the photo of celebrity, which is more common than you think.

All his friends are of the same
If the first signs you have not been convinced that the profile is false, you can check your friends list to see what percentage of their friends are of one gender, usually male, once you have done that another sign you may notice is the amount of friends, is not it strange that a person only has 30 super sexy friends?

A Void Profile
People who believe this kind of profile do not take much time to fill out the details of the profiles, which is why half empty profile has become a standard because it appears that the person has just joined Facebook and has only “likeado” a couple of things, which are quite successful in attracting men.

Appear to be a normal person
Due to that many people already know to recognize at first sight this type of profiles, these profiles is that the creators have become more creative and now seek to sell the image of the average person through fake profiles.

The easiest way to recognize is that the way in which people described only as fun, good feelings, friendly, liberal, etc, etc. Real people are more complex.

Status Updates identical to those of other
Those who create these profiles not only use the same patterns but also have the nerve to post the same things in the states of Facebook.

A single photo of Profile
This is the easiest way to verify the authenticity of a profile, because most Facebook profiles have more than one photo, or the person is outside the social experience of Facebook or simply not real.

The person who creates a fake profile would have to pass it looking for more photos of the person who is using facade and that would take more time than you would like to invest. You can also look out if you have photos that are labeled (o) and you will see just that person does not have a social circle, to part of the (ace) that flattering messages in their walls they leave them.

Definitely if you’re someone who likes to socialize to keep in mind these signals to take care of the zombies and trolls abound in social networks and now more than ever on Facebook.

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