11 free tools from Google to download

Bet, you know not all this free Google programs yet? Or you didn’t know that your favorite tool among the Google Empire?

Everyone knows Google chrome and drops one next maybe a Google Earth. But what tools does the search engine giant else his finger in the game? Because not every tool from mountain views a Google logo emblazoned. And some programs eventually disappear from the scene – even when one such giant group – while others are bought largely unnoticed by the public. This makes it difficult to track. Do you know all of the following programs from the Gallery? Or did you know that the Google Empire include Picasa and BumpTop?

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Google banned porn advertising

Google accept no adult ads in AdWords. Sites with pornographic content may no longer be advertised in the search results.

Google has made changes to its advertising network of AdWords use guidelines this week. Now, advertising for websites with pornographic content of the platform is banished and thus also no longer appear in search results of Google.


The ban affects the statements of the group according to particular Web pages with “Graphical representations of masturbation or intercourse stimulate”. What influence will have Google’s new policy on the industry, is currently not to see. Many pages get their users about the traditional search results, or Word of mouth. Continue reading

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How to create playlists on YouTube

YouTube is not only a website from where you see the most popular viral videos of the moment. And it is this Google’s platform collects all sorts of content, but also functions to make viewing comfortable and useful. Thus, one of its major functions is the playlists. A function to get a series of videos is played continuously, one after the other, automatically. A question that the user can control and manage at will. Then we tell you how to do it.

Playlists are the best option to bind music sessions, playing video clips or all those songs that like the user. They are also useful to make a continuous viewing of videoblogs or tutorials, and even video games. Therefore, that know how to create these lists is a great advantage to the user. And YouTube makes it very easy. The only requirement is to login with a Google user account from the upper right corner to save these lists and take them to any other computer or smartphone to see them directly. No need to search for these videos again.

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Twitter test the Buy Now button on your apps

It is not new that Twitter likes to experiment with new functions and features to constantly improve and enhance their social network. A must do if you want to continue on the crest of the social networks. However, it does give that talk with constant leaks and findings of these tests carried out selectively and not too private. The last of these is the amazing ability to purchase products directly through the social network of 140 characters.

This time was the middle Recode who has noticed the new feature. A curiosity represented by a simple button called Buy Now, which translated into Castilian means Buy Now. A function that calls attention after showing to Twitter as a platform always focused on immediate information rather than a product catalog. However, it seems that the company is betting big blue bird by advertising and other monetization methods.

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Twitter will include applications for mobile advertising

From now on Twitter, the microblogging with more users on the Internet social network, will include advertising of mobile applications that meanders as normal tweets including a link to the shop Play Store Google and Apple’s App Store. In this way, Twitter joins a strategy already implemented by other social networks such as Facebook or the search engine of Google. Mobile application developers may be the few who rejoice in this news since, thanks to this decision by Twitter, you will see increased promotion of his latest creations, to facilitate the downloading thereof by thousands of users of the social network.

twitter advertising

However, the latter benefit may also be by the inclusion of advertising on Twitter to the extent that if mobile application publishing already has it downloaded, they will have the option to directly, thanks to this link, with the latest update of the application that interests them. It is an option that clearly will benefit users who like the games and who want to be aware of the latest updates, especially those that have to do with updates with more levels of game. Continue reading

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YouTube makes good friends with the radio

There are many rumors about the service of music via the Internet and other similar issues that have circulated around the YouTube video platform. However, it is now known that the Google video site is not so interested in distributing your own music, at least for the moment, but that will serve as a source of content for the digital radio. So, has been known to Google and Sirius XM digital radio will join forces in a new program.

It’s YouTube 15, a new radio show which will be broadcast through channel 1 on Sirius XM from on July 11. A space dedicated to music and trends set out directly from the YouTube video portal to take away listeners from around the world and who know what is being most popular. A feedback of the most interesting for the users of this radio via the Internet, which will meet and discover new content, and the creators of YouTube videos, which will see its content distributed through a new platform: the radio.

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Free: the Microsoft tools protect against nasty attacks

With a snazzy tool from Microsoft, Windows users can more comprehensively protect your computer from attacks. EMET 5.0 technical preview is available for download free of charge. Professionals should look at still a recently available, another new Web tool: MyBulletins.

In addition to the Windows Defender or other antivirus software, the use of other security tools that Microsoft offers free downloadable recommends for Home Windows users. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is recently in a new pre-release version ready for download, which is already very mature. EMET5. 0 Technical Preview 3 is available and only 10 MB in size after a simple registration via MicrosoftConnect.

microsoft tools

EMET enabled – here you should select the default settings – some additional protections on the Windows machine, aimed at preventing, that attacker can successfully exploit a previously unknown vulnerability in an application after its installation. To be protection technologies such as Data Execution Prevention (short: DEP) and Address space layout randomization (ASLR) applications enables that themselves do not yet have the developers of these applications to protect of their software. Continue reading

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YouTube will make donations to video creators

The YouTube video platform is release. And it seems that Google does not want any of their services to stay late. So, using the VidCon fair where the main creators of videos from around the world gather, YouTube announced a battery of new features for their service and users. Tools that touch from the creation process until improvements when it comes to consume all these contents, taking advantage of current technology.

One of the most striking measures will arrive soon to YouTube is the donations. Thus, video creators will have a second way of monetization in addition to the classic advertising. These grants can range from one to 500 dollars, so being able to subsidize the channels they want, and thus enhance the chances of their creators. Of course, by the time a system is being tested in the U.S., Japan, Australia and Mexico, but more countries will soon be extended to any user to offer money to your favorite channels.

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YouTube empty inboxes for the latest update

YouTube is deleting messages in the inboxes of users to introduce a new update. Thus, the company owned by Google once again switch communications platform. Thus, aims to “introduce a new messaging system to reduce spam and the general order”, as has been confirmed on the official blog of the U.S. company.

The video platform has changed the status of the inbox, and use. Now, it will only read the messages and not be able to answer or receive new mail. Only old conversations may be revised until they finally disappear. The company claims that their content will remain there for “the coming months”. Meanwhile, the channel owners can download the material if they have any important data.

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Twitter experience with the Share button for WhatsApp

The social network Twitter being left behind compared to other communication tools. That is why we are conducting various tests and experiments to enhance its smartphone app. Something that, according to recent evidence discovered could also take relying on the messaging application WhatsApp for attention and share your content through this. It is a good strategy to publicize their content through other platforms than your own application.

Thus, the social network of 140 characters has introduced a new button when sharing a tweet or message itself. This is the icon to share via the WhatsApp application. With it users the option of sending the information posted on Twitter comfortably through a charismatic WhatsApp message, conveying that content directly to a large number of people is given. All this is in a very comfortable way and without having to find this option within the application.

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