Google Calendar, now with suggestions of places to create events

As every week Google seeks to launch new products for its services and applications, improving the present with characteristics and new features, or small enhancements of what already existed. This week again Google Calendar turns out to the fore information due to an update to the Android platform that improves some aspects already seen to create a more pleasant user experience and a more complete tool, not to forget any appointment, meeting, or event.

The new update has already been released in a staggered fashion, reaching the number of version 201404011. She presents two small but notable developments. The first one, being the only one listed on the download page of Google Calendar, is the possibility of receiving suggestions at the time of establishing the location of an event in this full calendar. It is a useful question to find that local or specific place, in addition to using your references for quick access to your address or location.

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VPN with the Raspberry Pi – how it works

A VPN encrypts all traffic at the network level. Who is with the mobile device or laptop in public WLANs go, can a VPN encrypts all traffic through the VPN server at home or redirect in the office. And not only that: The VPN server has a secure gate to the network behind it. With the correct routing, the server notifies the client of the VPN server can connect to the network. So, as if you were directly in the local network. This solution is not only suitable for travelers and field workers who need to go to access documents in the office. For consumers, it is the ideal solution to safely and encrypted by public WLANs to come to the home PC.

vpn with the raspberry pi

The VPN server has to be reachable from the outside. It authenticates the VPN client and connects to other computers on the VPN using routing ago. For this role, the Raspberry Pi is predestined, since all the tools are available. The performance of the CPU and the speed of 100 Mbit Ethernet ports are sufficient for a small network, which is connected via DSL to the outside world. Continue reading

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LINE debuts more than 1000 emoticons Emoji in Android

The messaging app LINE still struggling to gain a foothold in smartphones. Something that seems to get month to month with an increasing number of registered users, which already exceeds the $ 400 million, and that may well arrive by the large amount of content that is periodically added to this communication tool. And not only in terms of new features, but also by the large number of collections of emoticons and stickers, which continue to grow with each update, as it is the case on the Android platform.

Thus reaches version 4.2 of line-up for Android. An update with a brief whiles that huge list of new features. And it is that although only two points are listed, the first one is well wide, bringing with him more than 1,000 new Emoji emoticons to use freely through conversations or chats. A collection can represent all kinds of objects, feelings and situations without writing a single word. All this are with the Asian touch reminiscent of the stickers. And that you could well be an intermediate genus between classic smilies and the recognizable stickers.

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WhatsApp will take the developments of privacy to Windows Phone

Users of the Windows Phone platform have been long waiting for novelties for the most extended messaging application. But despite being last in receiving news, WhatsApp does not want to leave them out and we would be preparing a succulent charged news update for the satisfaction of those. A new stable version which introduces features and enhancements already views in Android and iOS and Windows Phone users take longer waiting time.

At the moment the data referred to arrive through a beta or test the WhatsApp application that has transcended through an Italian medium. In this version a good list of changes that have been checked but not radically alter the operation of this application, if they improve significantly with new messages and General details discussed below.

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Amazon is already testing the drones for delivery of packages

Last December, Amazon made public its Prime Air project, which consists of no less that delivery of packages using drones. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that until recently was almost exclusively used for military purposes. However increasingly the world of technology news that refers to these vehicles. The news caused great impact and gave rise to many doubts about the operation of the system. How does ensure Amazon that a drone is not damaged? And if someone manages to knock it down? Where will they land? The Prime Air project aroused these and many other questions, in fact also was the possibility that it was a concept that would not materialize. The latest statements made by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, through a letter sent to shareholders suggest that drones from Amazon not only exist, but are already being tested.

amazon drone

Prime Air drones program promises to deliver packages of little dimensions in a time much shorter than its current delivery system. If the system just becoming reality it could be a half hour wait since we confirm the order until it lands, literally on our doorstep. The drones that were shown in December are octocopters that operate autonomously and can carry up to 2.7 kg packages. It would however be limited to deliveries that were about 16 kilometers more than the company’s distribution center. Continue reading

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Twitter launches web notifications in real time

Twitter has just started to offer web notifications in real time. This measure aims to increase the interactions of its users within the social network. These notifications take the form of pop-ups and are received when the user is connected to using a web browser. These alerts are received in five cases. When has a person responded to one of your Tweets, second, when someone has retweeted one. Third, when another user has marked it as a favorite. Also every time you receive a direct message (MD). And, finally, when you get a new follower, until now it was only possible to receive notifications via Twitter applications for mobile or via email.

twitter web notifications

The new web notifications are also interactive in the sense that allow to perform various actions, such as responding to a tweet, reply to a direct message, retweet, mark a Tweet as a favorite and well continue to another user who also follows you. It’s providing maximum comfort for the members to make maximum use of the service when they are sitting in front of the computer and connected to your Twitter account. However, this new feature is not yet available to all users of this social network microblogs. The deployment is referred to as, but it will be over the next few weeks. Continue reading

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Facebook will force to use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends on the social network

The social network Facebook is determined to make the most of mobile platforms, even forcing their users to use applications that. It’s what half The Verge has been able to confirm after the sudden announcement of Facebook to any of its users in Europe when it comes to chat or send instant messages through the application of this social network. And it is that messaging service will be removed from different Facebook tools to remain active and available exclusively in the Facebook Messenger application.

The bet by the messaging that Facebook is doing is most notable. Not just from when last year he devoted an important work remodeling Facebook Messenger so that it would be a more simple and enjoyable tool, but also from the dream purchase of the hegemonic in this genus tool, the well-known and widespread WhatsApp. Now, however, far from sit idly, appears bet on their own messaging tool to a superlative degree, with a somewhat surprising move.

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The 10 best Google Drive addons

Whether text, spreadsheet or presentation: we show you ten highly useful Google Drive- addons, with those of the known cloud service are even more powerful.

Google has done a lot in the last year to Google Drive to improve more and more. Now leave the search giant the job third-party developers. With addons for Google Docs you can use the functionality of the Google tools expand yet. We will show you ten addons that allow you to translate texts, insert addresses, to sign documents and much more.

Google Translate

If you are an avid user of Google Translate anyway, you should save a lot of time this addon. Instead Google Translate open in a new browser window, simply highlight the text you want to translate and the passage in the document. Unfortunately the addon so far only supports five languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. However, we assume that the repertoire will be expanded over time.

calculator addon


In the (hopefully) rare cases where you need to mail or fax, you grip the HelloFax addon under the arms. This allows you to fax documents directly from Google Docs to the recipient. Five fax pages for testing are free, and then there are various cost options (per side, or equal to monthly and annual plans). Continue reading

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Twitter buys Cover customization app

The company Twitter not wants to fall behind in the field of mobile platforms. It is for this reason that, like other big industry, seems to have gone shopping to ensure a future or place among smartphones. Or at least that’s what it claims after your purchase knowing App Cover. It is a customization tool most useful able to reorganize the lock screen according to time of day and the situation with the applications most useful for this.

However, this time it has not transpired, at least for the moment, the amount of money that Twitter has put on the table to take with this tool. What it has become known is that would be interested in integrating services Cover on Twitter, where the team will start working after app purchase. At the moment, it is very flattering and little accurate information before a purchase which may have great potential but without immediate useful applications or view.

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WhatsApp fare comes as a prepaid card (update)

WhatsApp launches its own mobile plan with the help of E-plus. All data you send via WhatsApp, should not be deducted from the prepaid card. Update: The SIM can be ordered now.

Already in February we had reported that WhatsApp and E-plus wants to enter into a partnership and WhatsApp be themselves to the mobile service provider. Business week wants to learn now from business circles should get the WhatsApp fare in the form of a prepaid card on the market. It allows use WhatsApp for free – as we already suspected. This applies not only for texts, but also for pictures and videos, which are transmitted via WhatsApp. Other apps – about Facebook or the browser – should be settled however. Whether minutes or – more likely – is consume megabytes, is still unclear.

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